Eagles Nest Retreat was created from the dream of Des Brown supported graciously by his wife Dianne.

The 20-hectare property was purchased by Des on the 19th of October 1973 and became part of the 117-hectare dairying and cropping farm.

Over time the positive and challenging words of radio personality John Laws of "Keep the Dream Alive" provoked a desire to share the unique views of the exquisite rural landscape, Mount Roland and ten other mountains and ranges with the world. Today the business is run by a father daughter duo of Des and his daughter Sheree.

Eagles Nest I

dream becomes reality

So after 40 years of dairy farming with his wife, Des took the opportunity, made the commitment and grabbed the courage to make the “Dream” a reality.

In December 2000 planning approval was sought for a tourist accommodation facility. Then over the next 2 years Des enjoyed the opportunity to live the “Dream”, by playing the role of landscape designer, architect, furniture designer, interior decorator and lighting consultant. Eagles Nest I became a reality.

The goal being to give a unique Tasmanian experience utilising Tasmanian timbers such as Tas Oak, Blackwood, Huon Pine along with Ben Lomond granite and endemic alpine plants within the design. Within Nest I you’ll find cultural links to the past and various mediums that showcase the talents of Tasmanian artists.

The building displays the various skills of the local tradesman, builder, Gary Dick, who has the many skills of “Jack of all trades”, welder Kerry Fox, supported with engineering advice from Wayne Soderberg, and drawing talents from Paul Wood. The photography by Garth Colledge with electrical services by Greg Rayner and plumbing by Ron Greeves.

The Blackwood staircase shows the style of Jamie Dunlop. The extensive courtyard by Don Ferguson and Barry Poulton. The garden furniture features by John Burr, Claude Mitchell, Kerry Fox and Barry Poulton. The inside painting shows the skills of Nathan and Noel Keen. The website was designed by Tim Wilson and Sean Hartigan of 360 Virtual Tours.

The talents of Tasmanian artists is showcased on the walls of Nest I in the work of leading contemporary aboriginal artist Mick Quillam and watercolours by Margaret Brown.

The sublime Huon pine bedroom furniture comes from Craig Howard of Heritage Furniture along with Richard Ellis who built the sofa, which rotates 360 degrees.

The boomerang granite table was built by Dunn Industries. The glass table with wood carving from Blackwood and Huon pine is by Michael Reeve.

You’ll find examples of agricultural machinery, converted into furniture both indoors and outside. One of the most unique pieces being the upstairs bed head constructed by Seba Sheet Metal which uses parts of the old dairy machine.

To help you relax, why not listen to the Eagles Nest Retreat Theme Song written and sung by Robb Tait of Wilmot.

Nest I has its own private surrounds containing a courtyard, barbeque and campfire areas with all the rest of the land being an integral part of the approximately 63 acres that comprise our operating farm for between 50-80 head of beef cattle,  a handful of sheep and around 150 truffle trees.

Eagles Nest II

a global experience

Inspired by both the living and travel experiences of the Kent family, EAGLES NEST II was built with the following as its central motivation:

"Experience paradise right here on earth, with Tasmania on the outside and a global experience on the inside."

Our jobs as international teachers have allowed us to taste, see and experience the diversity, beauty and cultural uniqueness of many countries. This served as the inspiration for the Nest II building. We have spent the last 15 years travelling through Africa, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and living in diverse countries like South Africa, Colombia, Cambodia and currently we are living in South Korea.

Each region and country we have experienced has left a long lasting impact on us and this inspired us to design and build Eagles Nest II. As you walk through the building you will catch a glimpse of our experiences. Starting with a large art work comprising over 100 photos of “Patterns” from around the world that you will see as you enter the building, to the numerous artifacts and artwork that adorn the walls of every room, you will be transported all over the world.

The central living area is modern Asian with an African twist. The African wing, The Asian wing, the Middle Eastern reading loft, the Mountain Bedroom and the not to be forgotten South American inspired courtyard adorned with hammocks to relax in, will offer you an authentic experience from those regions.

Luxury and pleasure can be found throughout the building where you can experience an outside spa, two distinctive indoor spas, an inside/outside shower, open fires, outside fire pits, a BBQ area, a well-appointed fully equipped kitchen and gardens and landscape the all combine to bring the best of the world and the best of Tasmania together.

Eagles Nest III

family finca in Tasmania

In 2012, the Kent family opened the Eagles Nest III, a family finca in Tasmania.

The third installment of the Eagles Nest properties is a daddy daughter (Stuart and Grace) dream inspired from the three years that Stuart and his wife Sheree lived and taught in Medellin Colombia. During that time they had the opportunity to live out of the city. It was a period that coincided with the first six months of Grace Kent’s life. The family lived in a small Colombian finca (or farm house) high in the Andean Mountains in Colombia, South America. It is a time that the family looks back on fondly. In an attempt to recapture the feel of their South American finca, Eagles Nest III is a place of relaxation, luxury and escape with a touch of rustic charm, right here in Tasmania.

Eagles Nest III is inspired by the South American version of the Spanish Finca. Traditionally these buildings were practical functional farm houses that both land owners and farm workers lived in. Whilst that continues to be true in many parts of South America there has also been a move by city dwellers who long for relaxed, peaceful weekends in the country side to build fincas. It is these buildings and the small finca that the Kents lived in that Nest III draws its inspiration from.

Nest III built from stone and wood, blends well with the surrounding environment. With a modern angular design that includes high ceilings to give an air of space and freedom, Nest III boasts a large stone fireplace that provides warmth and comfortable couches to create a place to gather, relax and unwind.

Two well-appointed bedrooms will offer privacy and unspoilt views of the beautiful panorama that is Mount Roland. Nest III features large windows to capture the magnificent view of Mount Roland and allows both morning and afternoon sunlight to penetrate the entire building.

Nest III contains a modern, well equipped kitchen with a traditional finca twist, a place where both food can be prepared and enjoyed. Nest III blends together and incorporates ingenious lighting fixtures, distinctive doors, a beautiful iron wood breakfast bar, a unique floor level dining experience and is complemented by genuine South American artifacts and art work. The outside deck is ideal for entertaining, relaxing and unwinding with a book. This combined with a magnificent lakeside fire pit will create a space to be enjoyed by all which in the evening will lend itself to star gazing. A kitchen courtyard will be a perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and catch the morning sun or relax in a hammock. Gardens dominated by man ferns and local fauna will take your breath away. And you may even like to take the opportunity to plant or enjoy some of the garden fresh vegetables in the Nest III veggie patch.

The spa experience at Nest III is a unique development of the well-established and immensely popular outdoor spa experiences of Nest I and Nest II. The large spa in the main bathroom offers both relaxation and great views.

Nest III will also incorporate farm animals into the finca experience. Children and adults will be able to collect fresh eggs for their morning breakfast, play with lambs and rabbits and possibly see some native fauna. The area will be landscaped to include a small water feature, native trees, an orchard and other native flora.

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