Nest Information

There are four properties and they are each unique and luxurious with their own signature design and features.

Nest I was our original property and highlights the very best of Tasmania within its octagonal 2-storey design.

Nest II is the largest and grandest of our properties and is a very modern design to showcase those incredible lakeside Mount Roland views and an authentic worldly charm within.

Nest III is our family style luxury Finca with the same signature attention to detail as with all our properties and those spectacular water reflection views of Mount Roland.

The Loft is perched in the rafters of Skyview Barn and boasts its own cosy quarters for 2 people. With an outdoor deck spa and every comfort considered it is an exciting new option for couples.

Nest I will accommodate 2 people.

Nest II can accommodate up to 6 people.

Nest III can accommodate up to 4 people.

The Loft accommodates 2 people.

Total occupancy across all properties 14 people.

If you have a large family/friend gathering then you might consider booking out more than one retreat for your stay. The properties are not visible from each other but are within easy walking distance. To place multiple bookings simply book the individual properties online on our website.

Eagles Nest Retreat is primarily a luxury accommodation venue. However we do recognise that it is also ideally situated for special celebrations. To help you facilitate these events we ask that you arrange them prior to your stay and an event fee may be applicable depending on the number of people you wish to have at your party. The prices quoted on the website are for our maximum occupancy only and for event quotes please call and arrange separately.

We do not recommend that small children stay in our Nest I or Nest II properties due to the proximity to water and significant glass and stairs inside.

However, with children and families in mind, we have specifically designed Nest III as our luxury family-friendly destination. With chickens to feed, a large garden area to explore, hammocks to swing in, and a designated kids bedroom with blackout curtains – we’ve got you covered!

Eagles Nest Retreat is a luxury destination and properties are booked out in their entirety when you make a reservation. We value your privacy and after a brief welcome and orientation you will be left to enjoy the serenity and luxury that awaits you.

Services & Area

Due to high demand we require full payment within 48 hours of your booking. If you get logged off before the payment page just send us an email. We will automatically resend a payment request email which may end up in your spam folder so please check there for it. You will have 48 hours to pay it securely on your credit card. If you prefer to do a bank transfer please get in touch and this can be arranged. 

We only do 35% deposit only bookings for large group bookings across multiple Nests as of April 2021.

We have recently added the option to package these experiences into your booking from the outset. This allows you to choose them when you book and include it in your booking price. If you forget or want to add them later, your confirmation email includes a form to add them to your stay and we can arrange them for you prior to your visit. Please allow at least 2 weeks prior to your stay to book them.

Eagles Nest Retreat is approximately 55 minutes by car from the Cradle Mountain Dove Lake area. There is great benefit from staying outside the National Park particularly during the colder months when getting snowed in can be a problem.

The closest town is 7km from us and is called Sheffield. Known as the Town of Murals there is more than just grocery stores here and it is well worth a stroll through the mural park to see artworks, the town boasts many building murals, delightful stores and coffee shops. Devonport has some additional gourmet options 30 minutes away.

Tasmania’s North West Coast is home to many enticing tourist attractions. It has everything from fine food and wine to wildlife parks, nature trails, horse riding and charming country towns where you spend many an hour relaxing. 

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