The Top Outdoor & Unique baths in Tasmania

"The secret is out,

we have some of the best baths

worth travelling for in Australia."


Our beloved spas and unique outdoor baths have been featured by bloggers, influencers and tourism outlets alike. Each of our private and exclusive properties, affectionately called 'Nests' features their own unique indoor and outdoor spas.

But don't just take our word for it. Read the featured articles and words of others who've enjoyed the spoils of our Nests. 

The sense of complete isolation just 7 minutes from Sheffield and 30 minutes from the nearest airport in Devonport, is something you would usually have to drive hours to attain. But here pearched in your own private garden of Eden you can literally get back to nature and bliss out in your Nest.

And unlike most destinations you might travel to, when you book a Nest you don't just get one spa to enjoy all to yourselves, you get 2,3 or more! Is this considered too much? Perhaps a little excessive? We rather think not! It's your dream spa getaway.

And just one final word for those still needing convincing, who wants to go on a private getaway only to spend it shoulder to shoulder with others? Bookings here are exclusive, and nothing short of heavenly.

Book your Best Stay Ever in Tasmania

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