Many of our guests come back more than once, and no matter which Nest they come to, they all have their favourites.

So how do you choose which Nest is right for your trip? You really can't go wrong. Each of our properties has its own unique character and features which are sure to delight you.



Nest I is was our first property and showcases beautiful Tasmanian timber, artworks and fixtures throughout its two-storey octagonal design. The brainchild of Des Brown a retired farmer, you will find many remnants of a farming era remodelled into furniture and functional art pieces within and outside the property. And those 2-storey windows with the 360-degree views of Mount Roland and the surrounding mountain ranges are simply breathtaking. The outdoor farmer's bath and upstairs jacuzzi are both Nest I fan favourites.



Nest II is the largest of our properties and boasts the biggest windows and capacity.  Designed by Sheree Kent it features authentic relics from her families travels in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For those who have travelled themselves, there will be many familiar items, and everyone loves the feeling of 'the world on the inside and Tasmania on the outside'. There is a collection of enchanting spa options in this property including the lakeside spa, the fireside African spa and the Japanese Haiku spa.


Nest III

Nest III the most recent addition to the Eagles Nest properties is modelled on a South American finca. It features an earthy casual chic with outdoor hammocks and indoor fireplace. There are several surprises throughout the property including the outdoor milk vat, lakeside firepit, sunken dining table and heavy roller doors. Designed with the family in mind, still loved by honeymooners and couples too, Nest III is sure to win your heart.

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