Inside Sheffield - Tasmania's Outdoor Art Gallery

Co-owner Sheree Kent speaks to
Discover Tasmania

The rural landscape enveloping Sheffield, Tasmania, exudes a captivating tranquility, a fact that Sheree Kent, co-owner of Eagles Nest Retreat, understands on a deeply personal level. Sheffield holds a special place in her heart, being both her hometown and the cherished home her children continue to embrace, even after years of residing abroad.

Nestled on the very land that was once her family's dairy farm, Sheree's boutique self-contained accommodations offer guests an unparalleled experience. Here, against a backdrop of uninterrupted vistas, the majestic Mount Roland takes center stage, often bathed in a soft pink hue by the early morning sun on clear days. This picturesque setting is complemented by the rolling pastures that grace the outskirts of this charming town on Tasmania's North West coast. To read the full article link to Discover Tasmania UNORDINARY STORIES - inside Sheffield or view the reel below.